Where is your mind now?

Neural algorithms, machine learning and everyday efforts with them changes our representations about everything: pictures, texts, sounds, big data. With every news I’m ready to throw myself into the study of algebra and machine learning.
Yes.. I’ve already.

At the moment only experiments with Python, Caffe, GoogleNet, AlexNet, Scipy, Numpy, etc.

Watch video here https://www.instagram.com/p/BG7kpc3REwv/

Inkeffectum for After Effects (OS X version)

Finally! First release of ink-droplets generator for AE.
This is unstable beta version of plugin, most features is non-available, but its free. And available “as is”… So… Use it at own risk.

Of course, write comments and your wishes. This will greatly help further development.


  • Unpack inkeff.plugin to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/*AE_VERSION*/MediaCore/MT/
  • Change *AE_VERSION* to your version of AE.
  • Enjoy :)

Windows version is coming soon!

“Retro Alien” color scheme for terminal

After long work in console finally I created organic scheme. Nostalgia and deep emotions about old games and films will be guaranteed. Please, enjoy :)

Retro Alien scheme for terminal

Also, for deeply comfort use this font “Bitstream Vera Sans Mono”.

Retro Alien color scheme on GitHub


My first standalone application created with processing. This app have a huge list of future improvements, but now you can free draw and create animations (at the moment only with screen capture). This restrictions related with processing platform. Finally I didn’t want to create standalone application, but my friends want to know how I draw in this style with multiple lines and dots. So… I create standalone app for artists, designers and motion designers.

Today version of app is 0.1.0 😉


  • O — Show/Hide panel
  • S — Save png frame
  • Up — Stop emitter
  • Down — Clear canvas

Now I’m seriously thinking about plugin for After Effects in this style. Who know, maybe this will be the great thing.